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Travel Program

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As an IB World School, the Seven Peaks MYP incorporates a travel component that rounds out our comprehensive approach to inquiry based learning. The travel program is designed to complement the skills learned in the classroom through an immersive travel experience each of the three years in middle school, culminating with an international trip in the spring of the 8th grade year. Rather than stand-alone trips, each trip is thoughtfully crafted to be an integral part of the curricular progression for each of the three years.

Seven Peaks has partnered with World Leadership School so that the trips are led by educators experienced with travel and learning in each of the locations visited. Seven Peaks faculty accompany the students to provide the continuity in instruction and relationships necessary for a seamless learning experience from school to destination and then back to school again.


“World Leadership School’s travel programs are immersive journeys to discover the warmth, vibrancy, and strength of people living and working in communities around the world. Along the journey, students see the world — and themselves — in new ways.

We use travel as a powerful tool for guiding students towards lives of purpose. During their program, students experience a curriculum that helps them explore two key questions: “Who am I?” and “How do I connect to the world?” We support this learning by creating a safe learning community and plenty of time for reflection. Students may find themselves working with a farmer in Peru to plow fields with oxen, making chapati bread on a wood-fired oven in India, or walking to school at dawn with children in Tanzania. Rather than traveling to many places, students stay in one community developing authentic relationships and going deeper into learning.

Our programs are designed around the paradigm of “disconnect, decenter and re-envision.” Students disconnect from technology and their normal rhythms of life; they are de-centered, or pushed off balance, by immersive experiences; and they are paired with peer students and local leaders in order to re-envision the world and their place in it. Prior to traveling, students explore key themes via our pre-trip curriculum. At the end of the program, students share a leadership story that helps them crystallize their dreams and goals before heading home. Students often reach enduring realizations that guide them after the program ends.”

The Cost

The Beyond the Peaks Program is an additional expense for parents, so planning ahead is important so that all our students are able to participate.

International trips cost around $2300 plus airfare

Domestic trips cost around $1700 plus airfare

Seven Peaks offers financial aid program based on financial need to assist families with the cost of these trips. In order to be eligible you will have needed to fill out a financial aid application through SSS available on the financial aid page.

Grade 6

First page of the PDF file: SevenPeaks-NewMexico-Itinerary-2023

Grade 7

First page of the PDF file: SevenPeaks-EasternShore-Itinerary-2023

Grade 8

First page of the PDF file: SevenPeaks-ChilamateCostaRica-Itinerary-2023