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Student Council


9/19 - 9/22 Sign up for various positions by getting the slips from the front office.   Fill out the slip.  You will need two teacher signatures for approval to sign up and return back to the front office.

Descriptions of each position below:

President: Responsible for planning and running meetings, delegating tasks such as deciding which council member will be in charge of finding someone to design the class t-shirt, and making sure people complete their assigned tasks.

Vice President: Responsible for assisting the president (i.e. running meetings in their absence, making sure people are completing assigned tasks, etc.)

Secretary: Responsible for taking notes at all meetings and emailing those notes to all council members.

Treasurer: Responsible for budgeting and managing money (i.e. collecting money when selling tickets for an activity, depositing that money into the proper account, keeping records).

 6th, 7th, 8th Grade - 2 Classroom representatives for each grade: They help plan, organize, run and execute events such as assemblies, dances, and other activities.  

9/23 - 9/27:  CAMPAIGN PERIOD:  During this time frame you are soliciting to get people to vote for you.  Talk with your peers why they should vote for you.  Make posters or flyers.   Posters will need teacher approval to post.

9/28 - Student speeches will be given from 8-9 a.m.:  Convince students why they should vote for you.  Why are you running for your position, what do you want this year to look like and what will you do if you are on student council?  How will you represent your middle school class?

9/28 - Voting.  Once speeches are finished, students will immediately cast their votes on a ballot and place their ballots in a box.  Ballots will be handed out to vote.  No one talks during elections and voting.  Once done, immediately in the box.  

9/30- Announcement of Results

SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY!!  Being on the Student Council is a great way to decide on what you want your middle school year to look like, make the year fun, exciting and purposeful.  But there is a time commitment - you will be meeting once or twice a month.  Student council members decide, plan, organize and execute events, pep rallies, assemblies, gatherings and even dances or whatever the council deems important.