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Our exploration program (previously called Intensives), is unique to our MYP program. Each quarter, students are provided with a list of different programs. The goal of these explorations is to enrich students experience and get them involved in the community. Some of our explorations are:  pickleball, jewelry making, animal care, astronomy and improv!

Each exploration is volunteer run. If you have a hobby or and interest you would like to share with our students, please contact Anna Harris


1. Pickleball with Mr. O'Brien

You are all warmly invited to join Mr. O'Brien in participating in some good old fashioned fun called Pickleball. Curious about what this is? Think a combination of ping-pong and tennis, which focuses on the attributes of balance, agility, reflexes and hand-eye coordination. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, this socially engaging activity will promote new friendships in an active teamwork environment. So let’s bring on those smiley faces, a positive attitude and have a great time playing this wonderful and massively growing sport in Bend, Oregon. Court shoes required.

***Cost $50 ( 5 sessions, $10 per session) ***Volunteer drivers needed.

2. Intermediate Improv with Mr. Pearce

Use the skills that you have learned to begin exploring improvised scene work and approach the use of long form improv formats such as the Harold, Armando, and La Ronde. Intermediate Improv Theatre is open to students who have taken an improv exploration class with Mr. Pearce, or have his prior approval to sign up.

3. Basic Astronomy with Rodney Kopish

If you've ever looked up at the night sky and wondered what was out there then this class will help you answer that question. We will be learning about the constellations, how stars are made (and how they die), how to navigate the night sky, and how telescopes & binoculars work. This is a class that will prepare you go home and enjoy the stars on your own with only your eyes or the most basic technology.

***Potentially $50 (only if there is a field trip involved)

4. Service - Ember's Wildflower Bunny Rescue with Ms. Evans

Volunteering at Ember’s consists of sweeping bunny pens, cleaning litter boxes, making toys and various other tasks to help our rescue bunnies while spending time with them.

****Volunteer drivers needed. This class leaves at lunch and will return at 2pm

5. Fiber Arts with Dr. Kruer and Mrs. Casinelli

We will explore ways that we use plant (cotton) and animal (sheep, alpaca, rabbit) fiber to produce textiles. Skills explored may include: collecting (rabbit) and processing (sheep/alpaca) raw fiber, felting, spinning, crocheting, felting, and needlepoint. Students will have the option to practice grooming and caring for a French angora rabbit.

***Cost: $30 (including projects that students will keep)

6. Pasta and Sauces with Mr. Rispoli

We will be discussing several different types of pastas and the sauces they should be accompanied with. We also will be cooking and tasting these wonderful dishes.

***Cost: $35

7. "Olympic Games," "Minute to Win it Games, " and "Team Building Fun" with Mrs. Vedelli

MINUTE TO WIN IT: Do you like to challenge yourself? If so, then this is the exploration for you. There will

be the “INTERESTING EVERYDAY CHALLENGES” to put your skills to the test. The catch if you have a minute to win it! Have fun with this international game show franchise where you will take part in 60 second challenges using everyday objects that are commonly found around the house.

2022 WINTER OLYMPICS: Do you love to watch the Olympics? Do you dream of being an Olympic athlete yourself one day? This winter is your chance to participate on a Winter Olympic team and do

your best to win in the 2022 WINTER OLYMPICS! Students will create their team names, colors and compete for 1st , 2nd , and 3rd place. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

8. Service - Sparrow Club with Ms. Royes

You can make an impact and a difference in a local family’s life through Sparrow Clubs! We will start with a Sparrow launch assembly, greeting your Sparrow family with loving kindness. Throughout the quarter we will build awareness, plan and organize fundraisers to create opportunities for our school community to give service hours that will then make a difference in the life of a child and family struggling with the burden or a serious medical condition.

9. Film Appreciation with Teacher Tori

In this class, we will learn about how to appreciate films of various genres while learning about filming techniques and history. We will be watching and discussing differing examples from film genres such as; action, drama, foreign film, animation, and musicals. We will learn and use terminology to understand and appreciate this visual medium.

10. Service - Street Dog Hero with Mr. Gonzales

Thank you Seven Peaks students for partnering with Street Dog Hero as part of the Explorations Program. We are so excited to work with you this year! Volunteering with us will involve a variety of work and each day will likely be a little different. We always need help stuffing Kong toys, creating each dog’s information folder, organizing leashes and collars, organizing merchandise, preparing for fun events, and more. These tasks will be a huge help in making each busy day run smoothly. We don’t always have puppies around, but when we do we love to socialize them. That means lots of puppy time! We look forward to working with you this year!

***Volunteers drivers needed.