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Welcome to Seven Peaks School! 


As a parent of three former students, and active member of the Bend community, I am honored and humbled to be able to serve as the Head of School at Seven Peaks. 


The one thing that has always stood out to me about our school is the unique culture that holds together the values of kindness and academic excellence. I see this today in the way our faculty and staff are approaching the challenges of managing education during a pandemic; I see it in the way our students genuinely care for each and for their schoolwork as they work collaboratively on group projects to share with the wider community; I see it in the parents who reach out when there is a need and volunteer their time and expertise to make our school better, safer, and kinder; and I see it in our community members who have dedicated time and energy to serve the vision of Seven Peaks and make it an anchor institution in this rapidly growing Central Oregon mountain community. 


In this moment in time, one characterized by rapid change and uncertainty, Seven Peaks continues to hold firm to our mission of nurturing each individual child toward a lifelong love of learning so that they will be able to thrive in the complexities of our world, empowered and inspired to do good for our neighbors, near and far. And, as an IB (International Baccalaureate) school, we are committed to a world-class, inquiry-driven, internationally-minded, and project-based approach to educating the whole child. 


If you are new to our community, or a long time resident, and you are looking for a school in Bend to entrust the education of your children through 8th grade, come visit us at Seven Peaks. I look forward to welcoming you and introducing you to the wonderful things happening here.

Dr. Sam Adams

Head of School



MLitt, PhD, University of St. Andrews, Scotland

MAT, Fuller Theological Seminary

BA, Communication Studies, Westmont College

Why SPS: Seven Peaks is a friendly community that feels more like family than a workplace. What makes it so enjoyable as an educator is that everyone here is committed to the purpose of education and passionate about doing what we do well.


4th Grade Teacher 



MA in Elementary Education, Allegheny College

BA in Psychology, Allegheny College

Why SPS: I love the small class sizes and parent involvement. I also love my awesome co-workers!!



MA, Teaching - George Fox University

B.S. in Sociology - Portland State University

Why SPS: Seven Peaks School is a very special place to me. I have grown up as a teacher here. I have had incredible mentors, taught wonderful children, connected with fantastic families and always felt I was a part of something very special. I have watched my own children grow up at Seven Peaks and it is because of this school that they are the curious, kind, empathetic, giving, hardworking children that they are. I wouldn’t want to teach anywhere else!



Master of Counseling – Oregon State University, Cascades Campus

B.A., English – Southern Oregon University

Why SPS: I value working with a passionate team of people who are incredibly talented and infinitely generous in their capacities as both educators and members of the SPS family. Likewise, Seven Peaks’ students love learning. Bearing witness to their enthusiasm and hard work is inspiring!



B.A. in Art History/Graphic Design from Northern Arizona University

Why SPS: I love meeting new families and supporting the growth of our SPS children.


PYP IB Coordinator 



M.Ed., Early Childhood/Elementary - Oregon State University Cascades Campus

B.A., Political Science and International Relations - University of Colorado Boulder

Why SPS: I love working at Seven Peaks because of the fabulous teachers, students, and parents! The small class sizes and abundant resources allow me to be creative with our teaching. If you can dream it, at Seven Peaks you can do it!


6th-8th Grade Math Teacher



B.S., Chemistry – University of Oregon

Why SPS: The students. Everything I have experienced here tell me that SPS students will be ready to be challenged. Additionally (pun intended) I am really excited to get to know the students, share in their interests, and make connections from the classroom to their individual interests, our community, and the world.


Director of Admissions



Reading Endorsement – Portland State

Teaching Credential and CLAD Endorsement – JFK University

B.A., Telecommunications - Pepperdine 

Why SPS: I feel very fortunate to be a part of the Seven Peaks family. I value the close-knit, supportive community that is at the heart of our school. Seven Peaks provides an amazing learning community where every child feels safe to take risks, share their thinking, and grow academically, emotionally and socially.


7th-8th Grade Science Teacher 



PhD level courses in Immunotoxicology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

B.S., Bacteriology and B.A., Secondary Education - University of Wisconsin-Madison

Why SPS: Seven Peaks offers a community feel where each individual (faculty, staff, student, parent) is valued for their unique contribution to the group. The professional freedom and trust afforded us as educators is a rarity but is what inspires me to do my part to ensure a bright future for my students.


7th-8th Grade Language and Lit Teacher



PhD, Romance Studies (French) – Cornell University

B.A., Comparative Literature and French – Emory University

Why SPS: The mission of SPS aligns with what I believe students need to excel as learners. Coming from a college background, I am especially excited to bring the SPS mission to life working with 7th and 8th grade students and will strive to make a lifelong impact on their educational trajectory.


IB MYP Coordinator / Visual Arts 7th-8th



M.A., Education, Eastern Oregon University

B.S., Visual Arts, Eastern Oregon University

Why SPS: I have found an incredible community here. It is a team of teachers, administration, and families all working together to create the best education we can. I feel that we are set up for success as teachers with the smaller class sizes and parent involvement. At Seven Peaks being smart is cool and it makes teaching here a privilege.


7th-8th Grade I&S Teacher



B.A. – Laurentian University

B.E. – Queen’s University

Why SPS: Concept based inquiry empowers students to prompt their own learning and gives them the flexibility to make connections to their local, regional, global experiences. It allows students to express their own curiosities in the world around them and make connections that will allow them to broaden their intercultural awareness. The IB program at Seven Peaks will prepare "the whole child" by developing skills that can be generalized and applied to education, jobs and careers. It is a philosophy that resonates with me and I am honored to be both a teacher and a parent of the Seven Peaks community.


3rd Grade Teacher



M.A.Ed. Classroom Instruction at Biola University
B.A. Liberal Studies w/ minor in Biblical Studies at Biola University

Why SPS: The small class sizes at SPS allows me to really connect with each student and enables me to meet their individual academic and social needs. I also love the support from the community and parents as well as the friendly staff!


2nd Grade Teacher



BS in Political Science, Santa Clara University
M.Ed, National University
National Board Certified Teacher

Why SPS: I am excited to work in a school with a strong community that promotes and supports student inquiry and development.  I look forward to the year ahead and getting to know everyone.


6th Grade Math & Science Teacher



Master of Science, Natural Resources and Society, University of Idaho
Bachelors of Arts, Elementary Education, California State University, Chico

Why SPS: I can already tell that the culture at SPS is one where I will feel right at home; everyone is in love with learning and embraces a growth mindset for the possibilities it brings. This is a school that lifts everyone up by empathetically challenging each other to push our growth edge and discover our best selves.


Physical Development Teacher



M.A., Coaching and Athletic Administration - Concordia University

B.A., Physical Education w/ an Emphasis in Sports Medicine - Pepperdine University

Why SPS: I like being at Seven Peaks because there is a true sense of unity and direction of where we want to go. The staff truly cares about our students/families, each other, and this community. There is a great vision in place and the leadership is strong!


Director of Marketing & Communications



BA in Communication Studies, Westmont College

Why SPS: Seven Peaks is a special place! The community feels like family, and the shared values drive everything that happens within the school. It really is a joy to work at a place like this!


PK-5th Grade Music Teacher



M.A., Curriculum and Instruction – Concordia University

B.A., Elementary Education, Minor in Music – Whitworth University

Why SPS: I am excited to work with the amazing staff and students at Seven Peaks! It is clear that there is a strong and supportive community at this school and I am looking forward to being a part of it!


Visual Arts Teacher PK-6th Grade



Graduate Diploma, Christian Studies - Regent College

B.A., Sociology - Seattle Pacific University;

Numerous art classes at the undergraduate and graduate levels

Why SPS: I love the small class sizes and the emphasis on wholistic learning. Being able to work at a school that supports not only the academics but also the arts and learning outside the traditional classroom is a dream.


5th-8th Grade Band Teacher



Masters in Conducting – Southern Oregon University

B.A., Elementary Education with a Music Minor – Ohio State University

Why SPS: I am excited to teach young people how to play an instrument and further the performance skills of those who are not beginners. I believe Seven Peaks to be a school where students and parents are invested in their education and that alone is a recipe for success in a music program.



M.A., Special Education – New Mexico Highlands University

B.A., Economics – The College of William & Mary

Why SPS: I look forward to the close-knit community feel that can be created in the classroom and with families throughout the school. Additionally, I look forward to having the opportunity to use my teaching craft to meet students at their individual learning levels and learn from such talented colleagues at the school.


Kindergarten Teacher



M.A., Human Development and Education – University of Colorado at Denver

B.S., Human Development and Family Studies – Colorado State University

Why SPS: Seven Peaks aligns with my approach to learning and experience in independent schools. I am looking forward to getting to know my new students and their families.



M.A, International Education - College of New Jersey satellite campuses 

Teacher Certification Program - Creighton University

B.S., Anthropology – University of Utah

Why SPS: I love working at Seven Peaks because of our wonderful families. Working with the kids of the caring and involved parents of our community is a pleasure. Also, the small class sizes and ample plan time of my schedule allow me to realistically do my job well.


MYP Spanish Teacher



B.A.E.  PLU . Tacoma, WA . (Majors: Spanish, Education)
Masters in Admission and Supervision WSU .  Pullman, WA
Endorsements in Bilingual/Bicultural Education

Why SPS: What is most special about SPS is the strong sense of community and parent involvement. The smaller class sizes make it easier to adjust lessons and assignments to meet individual needs and develop a close relationship with each student. The students are amazing and nothing is more rewarding  than creating excitement about learning Spanish and exploring other cultures!


Learning Specialist 



University of Puget Sound, BA in Comparative Sociology

Central Washington University, Special Education Teaching credentials (K-12)

Seattle Pacific University, Master in Education (Literacy)

Why SPS: Seven Peaks has wonderful teachers who see the “whole” child and support in the development of academic and social and emotional skills. I enjoy teaming with these educators, with their various teaching styles, personalities, and values, and working closely to design student instruction to support the work they are doing in class.  I truly love connecting with and watching kids grow as learners by helping them feel successful in the classroom.


Preschool Aid/Facilities Manager



Olympic College Bremerton (A.A.S.)

Continuing Education:

Pacific Life Bible College,
Olympic Bible Institute

Why SPS: Sevens Peaks School is an awesome place to work. I believe that equipping and empowering the next generation to be life long learners, globally conscious, and faithful stewards of our beautiful world is one of the best things we can do for our children. Seven Peaks embraces this fully and is an amazing example of education at its best.


Nutrition Coordinator/PYP Aid



Northern Arizona University-Early Childhood Education
Pima Medical Institute- Veterinary Technician Degree

Why SPS: My family has been apart of the Seven Peaks community for the last 10 years with the last 3 being an employee. I strongly believe that Seven Peaks provides a safe and loving place for a child to grow, their brains to develop, and for them to explore their immediate surroundings and the greater world. I love being apart of this community.



B.A., Early Childhood Development -Fresno Pacific University
A.S., Child Development, Early Intervention -Fresno City College

Why SPS: I like working as Seven Peaks because it is focused on developing the child as a whole while still maintaining high academic standards. The school focuses on developing a globally-minded generation that understands the impact they can have on the world around them. The culture of Seven Peaks stands out as it feels more like a family where everyone cares for and wants what is best for each other. I am proud to be a part of Seven Peaks and support its culture and values.


PYP Language Acquisition Teacher



BS in Public Accounting
Spanish teaching State certification
Master of Spanish and Culture in Spain

Why SPS: I love the small community settings, the kindness from colleagues, and the passion that everyone is bringing to provide the best education we can give at SPS.


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