PE with Mr. Riley


Happy Tuesday June 9th……you guys are just about there! For today I want you guys to relax and do something that you love and that makes you happy. Great job everyone persevering through the challenges this year. We miss seeing all of you guys and hope you have a great summer! Take care of yourselves!

L&L with Dr. Kruer

2020-06-08's our last day of L&L for the 2019-2020 school year!

Today, I just ask that you take some time to nominate your classmates for the 7th-grade class awards (link below). It's just for fun, but it would be great to have everyone participate. Even if you weren't able to participate in distance learning, you are absolutely WELCOME to join in celebrating the school year!

Our party will begin tomorrow, Tuesday, June 9 at 10AM. After we do the awards, we'll watch a movie on Netflix Party together. Instructions for getting yourself set up for the Netflix Party are on Canvas; please reach out to any of the teachers if you need help setting it up.

Thank you for an incredible year! Have a great summer and I can't wait to see you in the fall!

Science with Mr. Kopish


See you in the virtual class party, on a mountain bike ride Weds (email if interested), and/or at the Car Rally on Weds! Have a great Monday and get to work on decorating you and your car!

Art with Mrs. Macauley


Congratulations 7th Grade!! We made it through a crazy, amazing year! Through it all you have been such a wonderful class and worked so hard. I am beyond proud of your resilience and tenacity for learning. Cannot wait to see you on Wednesday!

Choir with Mrs. Runk


Hey Choir! Welcome to another day of online learning! Remember, you can find your introductory video here or on Canvas, and then Canvas has all detailed instructions and tasks for the day. My office hours are from 10-11 M-Th if you have questions. You can find the link to join below or on the choir Canvas page! Happy singing!

Spanish 7B with Señora Hall


What a year! You made and did such an amazing job with the online assignments. I'm impressed with how much you learned and I hope you enjoyed our Pablito series. I've included one last video for your viewing pleasure, El Matador Guapo. Enjoy and have a terrific and safe summer!

Counseling with Mrs. Flynn


Howdy 7th Grade Seven Peaks Students!

As you embark upon your 8th grade year, the newly endowed leaders of our school, I've linked one of my favorite TED Talks on Leadership. I'd love to read your thoughts on this topic and what you learned by way of this video. Please share you worksheets with me at:
Congratulations on persevering throughout this challenging school year. Enjoy your well deserved summer break.
All the best,
Mrs. Flynn

Friday MS Intensive


C'est la 4ème et dernière semaine de l'intensif français! It's our fourth and final week of French intensive! This week, we'll discuss French cheese and learn how to make a simple fresh cheese: ricotta! Venez!

Friday MS Intensive


Bike ride next Weds (6/10) if anyone wants to join me before the car rally. Email me ( if you're interested. See you on the trails!!

IB Experience Project


Welcome to our final IB Experience Project! Kudos to all of you on an amazing school year. Despite some unique challenges thrown your way, you persisted and kept on learning. To wrap up the year, we are going to focus on the learner profile trait, Reflective. The end of the year is a great time to look back and reflect on our successes and challenges. I'd like you to think about one of the Approaches To Learning (ATLs) that you worked on this year, maybe your ATL goal with your teacher. Think about: what is difficult for you with this skill? How have you improved? What did you to practice and improve this skill? What do you want to work on next? You can choose how you complete this reflection -- email me a written piece, some artwork, or simply have a conversation with your family.

Thanks again for all your hard work. I wish you the best!

I&S with Mr. Obrien


Please check Canvas Homepage: Distance Learning: June 2nd-June 4th for instructions. Verbal instructions and written instructions are posted for students on this page.

Math With Mr. Gonzales


Learning about fractals!