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Summer CAMPS



Jam CampInstructor: Nic Davies. Dates: June 19 - June 23rd

Balanced Artist Camp 1Theatre, Music, Visual Art, Design. Clayton Pearce, Nic Davies, Guest instructors Ages: Rising 1st-Rising 9th Dates: June 26 - June 30th

Balanced Artist Camp 2Theatre, Music, Visual Art, Design.  Clayton Pearce, Tori Nickels, Guest instructors. Ages: Rising 1st-Rising 9th Dates:  July 3, July 5-7

InFocus Camp 1Devised Theatre and Filmmaking. Clayton Pearce, Tori Nickels, Guest Teachers.
Dates: 7/10 - 7/14

InFocus Camp 2 (continued from InFocus Camp 1): Longform Improv, Filmmaking. Clayton Pearce, Tori Nickels, Guest Teachers. Dates: 7/17 - 7/21

Jam CampNic Davies. Dates: 8/21 - 8/25 

Learn To Tell Stories 

Camp participants will learn story theatre in the style of Viola Spolin, the founder of American improvised theatre. The elements of a story, and the different tellings we can each bring to them will be explored, and each student will have the opportunity to bring their own unique voice to the stage in a final showcase at the end of camp. During the first week of camp, students between the ages of 11-14 will devise their own piece of theatre to be performed on Saturday, July 30th.

Special Skill Building 

In addition to the focus on Story Theatre, each instructor will be teaching a specialty class. Specialty classes this year include Stage Combat, Shakespeare, Set/Prop Design, and Improvisation.

The skills learned through the collaborative creative process transcend their application in the arts, and benefit students by expanding their ability to focus, problem solve, communicate, and take risks.

Who Are The Instructors? 

We are thrilled to endeavor into our second year here at Seven Peaks School. Instructors from this camp have worked together for over a decade to provide a meaningful, process driven theatre experience to children in communities throughout Oregon, including Portland, Pendleton, and Salem. We are thrilled to begin a new chapter here in Bend.  Our philosophy rests in empowerment through professional training. 

Alwynn Accuardi: Alwynn Accuardi was born and raised in Portland, OR and is an actress, educator, and a violence and intimacy director. A graduate of Portland Actors Conservatory, class of 2014, her design work includes Marisol (Portland Actors Conservatory), The Romeo & Juliet Project (Enso Theatre), Map of Virtue (Theatre Vertigo), Slipping and Brilliant Traces (Defunkt), Good Kids (Oregon Children's Theatre), The Alien Chicken Remembers Galatea (Mofsec) which went to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Nesting and it's sequal Nesting: Vacancy (JPD Productions), Antony & Cleopatra and Troilus & Cressida (Salt and Sage). She has been nominated for two Drammy awards for her work in Nesting: Vacancy (JPD) And Troilus & Cressida (Salt and Sage). Her acting credits include Dog Sees God (PAC) Opus3 (PAC via PETE) Hamlet, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, and Cymbeline (Anon It Moves), Nesting and Nesting: Vacancy (JPD), The Alien Chicken Remembers Galatea and Saying Goodbye to the Sun (Mofsec), Brilliant Traces, Gruesome Playground Injuries, Antony & Cleopatra and Troilus & Cressida (Salt and Sage). 

Chris Parsons: Chris Parsons is a teacher, storyteller, comedic/theatrical improvisor, and actor. He recently earned his Master of Arts in Teaching from Pacific University and is set to begin his final career as an educator of Theater & English Language Arts in the Fall. Using his love for physical comedy and performance, Chris has worked multiple contracts for Walt Disney World as both a character and atmosphere performer. As an actor, he has worked background in television series such as Grimm, Portlandia, Everything Sucks and Leverage, and in such films as Twilight, Green Room, and Captain Fantastic. As an improvisor, Chris has been a mainstage ensemble member and teacher at both Brody Theater and Curious Comedy Theater in Portland, OR. Chris is trained in styles from the theaters of Upright Citizens Brigade, Second City, iO West and ComedySportz. He has performed and worked with household names such as Bob Odenkirk and Kevin McDonald from Kids in the Hall, Colin Mochrie from Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Amber Nash from Archer, Carla Cackowski from Westside Comedy Theater and Susan Messing from iO Theater in Chicago.

Clayton Pearce: Clayton Pearce is a teacher, actor, improviser, songwriter, and chef.  Clayton is currently an associate preschool teacher at Seven Peaks School.  He is beyond thrilled to begin a new chapter of a long-standing camp to a new locale in Bend.  He has been working with Spolin Improvisation and Story Theater for 20 years, mentored by Adrienne Flagg, a disciple of co-founder of Second City and son of Viola Spolin, Paul Sills. Clayton collaborated to create and perform in the Drammy award winning Devised Play Note to Self, and, in 2020, debuted a staged reading of Change Order, a play co-written with Adrienne Flagg as part of Portland’s Fertile Ground Festival.  He has taught improvisation to children and adults as part of the Brody Theater, Deep End Theater, Portland Theatre Brigade, and numerous other camps and extracurricular classes.  In 2017 he taught a workshop as part of the New Zealand Improv Festival where he was nominated for a Really Very Serious Award for Most Generous Player.  

As an actor, Clayton has appeared as Mortimer Snerd in Fuse Ensemble’s Paradise Park, Uri in Passin Art’s Diva Daughter’s Dupree, and Phillip in Toad City Production’s Max. He has helped to devise and perform in many longform improvisational plays, such as Jason Geary’s Fat City, Deep End Theater’s Presence and the Brody Theater’s Anon and On and On: Shakespeare from Scratcheth. He is in the process of recording his third studio album, The Streets I Used to Call Home.