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Model UN Student Achievements

In April this year, all 8th-grade students participated in the three-day Virtual Oregon Model UN Conference. This conference was the culmination of months of work SPS student delegates put in during L&L and I&S to accurately represent their country (Argentina, Singapore, The Netherlands, or the United Arab Emirates) in committees. Students explored their country’s identities while navigating how these identities shape beliefs, systems of governance, and relationships in the world.

Below, we highlight the achievement of each student. Please join us in celebrating these incredible delegates!

A bit of background: 

What’s Model UN? Model United Nations, also known as Model UN or MUN, allows students to roleplay delegates in the United Nations and simulate UN committees. Student delegates participate in MUN conferences across the United States and internationally. At the conference, delegates represent their country, serve on UN committees, and respond to real topics in international affairs. Students are then given the opportunity to work with delegates from other participating schools to develop diplomatic solutions to the world’s most pressing issues. Model UN gives student delegates the opportunity to develop substantial research, public speaking, debating, and writing skills, as well as critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities. Model UN offers students a capstone IB experience, developing them as globally-minded citizens.

Ceraphina led her committee by stating her position U.A.E and communicating her country's resolutions. Ceraphina received the Best Delegate Award for her committee by knowing her country's positions, and that of the UN, developing, and less developed countries. Ceraphina participated throughout the conference with fantastic and high-level preparation and confidence.

Matthew led his committee by stating his country's positions using opening statements to start the debates. Matthew received The Best Consensus award and contributed actively to achieving resolutions.  Matthew participated throughout the conference with high-level preparation and confidence.

Noah achieved great results during his MUN conference, which his committee recognized by awarding him with the Best Delegate Award for his committee. Noah communicated and led many arguments with factual evidence to support his points. Noah wrote four position papers and was an active leader and contributor in writing the resolutions for the topics in his committee. 

Makena led her 17-person committee, receiving The Best Consensus Award communicating her country’s positions on all the topics and evaluated resolutions. Makena was very persuasive at the conference and was very well prepared and supported by her extensive research.  

Nica communicated opening statements on all of her topics and wrote notes throughout the weekend. Nica contributed to group discussions and added amendments to resolutions. Nica also completed 1.5 resolutions for her committee. During caucus time, Nica was instrumental in convincing her peers to support her positions.

Max communicated an opening statement on ALL four of his committee topics and debated throughout his committee's debates. Max wrote three resolutions & one amendment. Max participated throughout the conference with high-level preparation and confidence.

Brooks communicated five opening statements and contributed 2-3 points on each resolution, which were approved. Brooks wrote a position paper on all his topics and analyzed counter arguments to debate throughout the weekend. Brooks also made it a priority to build constructive relationships through compromise. 

Cami participated actively in all things related to her committee and MUN conference. Cami communicated to The General Assembly in favor of her own resolution and communicated  points of influence and amendments to specific resolution statements. Cami took extensive notes both prior to the conference and during the conference, which allowed her to be very well organized and prepared.

Kristjan was consistent in communicating about specific positions he had done extensive research on and consistently communicated amendments to topics and resolutions. Kristijan made a point to address factual information to others where it was needed and had a solid grasp of his own country's identity. Kristjan had a really good habit of reading his committee when he felt actions needed to be addressed in order to solve these complex problems during debates. 

Grace contributed to all the opening statements in her committee and also communicated solutions/recommendations on her county’s positions on each topic. Grace responded to questions and also was a regular contributor asking questions during the conference. Grace communicated 4 amendments & position papers.

Brecken was consistent in his arguments and compelled his group members to further analyze & evaluate the topic of debate. He improved a great deal when it came to ATL’S such as research, note-taking, and organization. Brecken contributed to several amendments, which led further to the passing of resolutions. Brecken also completed four position papers.

Ben communicated all four of his opening statements and replied consistently to questions asked by his committee. Ben contributed to his committee's amendments by making one to three amendments for each resolution. Ben researched and wrote many notes when considering his country’s positions and actively sought valuable information to discuss.

Bennett wrote opening statements and communicated on 6 different topics about which his country had positions. In the resolutions, Bennett added & proposed multiple points and proposed drafts. During the conference, Bennett gradually gained more confidence in communicating with his committee members and made sure to contribute to every topic. 

Cole shared his opening statements during caucus time and communicated insightful opinions & questions throughout his time at the conference. Cole wrote three position papers and stated all of his country’s positions related to a couple of the resolutions that were sent to the General Assembly.

Chiara communicated speeches related to her committee topics and contributed to three amendments that were accepted. Chiara made it a priority to know her country’s identity and completed at least one paragraph related to all of the topics that were debated. Chiara wrote opening statements on all of the agenda topics & had one resolution completed. 

Egan was active in making comments and creating questions at MUN, especially on Sunday. Egan contributed to discussions on vaccine inequity and in cryptocurrency. Egan almost completed three position papers and a resolution. 

Chris made valid, compelling arguments during the MUN conference. He made very good submissions on two different resolutions and argued on behalf of his country’s position for most of the resolutions. He improved a great deal when it came to ATL’S such as research, note-taking, and organization.

Need another? Ella completed her research & written communication on her committee topics and responded verbally to questions throughout the conference. Ella completed the research on her country's identity and wrote the opening statements for all of her topics. She also collaborated with SPS peers during breaks to achieve consensus during the sessions. 

Jack prepared for MUN by completing three position papers and one amendment, which he added as part of The Suez Crisis discussion. During his two days of participation, Jack communicated verbally some of the time during formal sessions but was more active during caucus discussions.

Bo was consistent in his arguments (written & verbal) and regularly contributed to committee dynamics for the conference. Bo was active in commuting ideas for resolutions and solutions to his topics. Bo was also heavily active in one debate and provided resolutions to solve that problem. Bo made sure he was prepared with his research and knew his country’s identity well. 

Jude led the way in terms of resolutions and was active in getting others involved in the debate process in his committee. Jude communicated well in relation to his opening statements and questioned those who were not on the topic using proper debate protocol. Jude completed four position papers and constantly made suggestions to achieve solid and meaningful solutions.

Evan was active in the MUN Conference and his own committee. He made sure to understand his country's position on three resolutions and was well researched on his committee's agenda topics and The UAE's positions on them. Evan was active in highlighting the importance of positions and the UAE’s connections to them.

Kaden was active in his committee and proposed two resolutions and communicated two of the main points on these resolutions. Kaden was also an active member in the committee debates and reflected to make sure his contributions aligned with Singapore's identity.

Grady made some contributions to the verbal aspects of the debate and reflected that it took him a while to feel comfortable in this setting. Grady took a leading role when his committee shifted to Cryptocurrency Regulation, a topic about which he felt very confident and prepared. Through MUN, Grady gained a better understanding of the role of research in preparing.

Bodie was an active participant when communicating his country’s opening statements and Argentina's positions on all his committee topics. Bodie was a full participant when contributing to his country's resolutions.  

Karleah was consistent in verbally communicating her country’s opening statements and was a leader in contributing to her country's position on mask mandates with amendment support and resolutions. The research was conducted to support her verbal arguments.

Jackson was efficient in communicating with his committee and utilized his note-taking skills when verbally communicating with delegates. During the debate Jackson impacted some decisions made and how some resolutions were drafted. 

Parker was thoroughly prepared prior to the MUN Conference and wrote opening speeches, 4 Position Papers, and two Resolutions. Throughout the Conference Parker was an active participant and communicator which contributed to her having her own Resolutions passed. 


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