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Fundraising Celebration Report April 2022

At Seven Peaks, as in all independent schools, we rely on both tuition and fundraising to provide our students with the very best school experience we can. And we have such a generous community!

We are happy to report that since our Gala fundraiser this fall, we have had the opportunity to invest back into our program and into our students in some exciting ways. Over the next couple of weeks, we are going to be sending out emails like this one that celebrate what fundraising has been able to accomplish at Seven Peaks so far. We hope that you follow along. We want you to see the impact these funds have made and celebrate with us! 

Below are just two of the ways your giving has benefited our students.

Stage For Performing Arts 

We are thrilled to announce that we have purchased a stage for our performing arts program! This is our first step in creating and establishing a separate performance space. We can't wait for you to experience our spring performances from this perspective. 

Front Office Radios

Using fundraising funds, we were able to purchase a set of radios for the front office. These radios have already come in handy! The Wintermeister team uses them to stay connected on the mountain, teachers use them when they explore Skyliner park, and teachers take them with them for field trips. They have increased our internal communication and improved safety as they allow our staff to be in connection with each other and the front office at all times. 


We can't believe it's finally here! With the installation of the outdoor classroom space over spring break, the new playground is finally complete! It has been such a joy to watch our students enjoy this new space. If you haven't had an opportunity, we encourage you to come check it out after school one day, you will also be able to see all of our playground plaques mounted on the inside wall. Thank you for all of your help and support to make this project possible!

Executive Functioning Training 

As part of our February staff development days, we invited Scott Rowles, an academic coach, to come and present a training in Executive Functioning. Executive functions are the tiny steps we take each day to achieve a goal and include organization, time management, and planning. These behaviors are crucial to academic and independent success. As an IB school, our focus is not just on the rote memorization of facts or knowledge acquisition. Within this framework, we stress skills and critical thinking within each student, and target their development. By strengthening Executive Functioning skills in our students, they will be better prepared to rise to the challenge of becoming strong, focused, and independent learners. 

New Athletic Uniforms 

We are excited to announce that we have ordered new Seven Peaks athletic uniforms for our Volleyball, Track & Field and Cross Country teams. With the introduction of our new Athletic Brand, these uniforms have been ordered and are on their way to us soon. We can't wait to see the kids sporting them!

Leveled Readers Library 

Thanks to fundraising fund we are able to refresh and grow our Leveled Readers Library for grades K-3. Leveled Readers provide students with books that match their precise reading skills so students can experience differentiated, meaningful, authentic, and enjoyable reading experiences. These book sets will help our early readers develop the skills they need to become confident readers! 

New PE Equipment 

This year, we have been able to purchase new PE equipment. This has been a huge addition to our program. Thanks to our donors, here is a list of some of the gear added to our program this year: 

Primary PE Program:
Hula Hoops
Jump Rope Equipment - (lemon drops/stick balls)
Rubber Game (Recess) Balls
Foam Frisbees
Plastic baseball bats and balls
Tennis rackets/training balls

Middle Years PE Program:
Golf clubs/balls
Soccer Nets
Soccer outdoor goals
Volleyball outdoor system
Indoor Futsal goals/balls
Hockey set and protective goggles
Exercise bands/Weights
Fitness training spots
badminton rackets/ birdies
Indoor/Outdoor baseball bats and balls/baseball hitting tees

Updated Technology

At the start of this year we were able to make some huge improvements to our technology. We replaced  iPads in the primary school, and some Chromebooks in the middle school. In addition, we were able to replace all of our staff and faculty computers. 

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