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Turning Points in History: Seven Peaks School 7th Graders Present National History Day

Turning Points in History: Seven Peaks School 7th Graders Present National History Day

At Seven Peaks School, our commitment to fostering lifelong learners takes center stage in every facet of education. One standout example of this dedication is the enthusiastic participation of our 7th-grade students in National History Day (NHD). 

The Essence of National History Day:
Each year, NHD follows an overarching theme that students follow. The 2024 contest theme is: “Turning Points in History” and this year’s theme invites you to consider questions of time and place, cause and effect, change over time, and impact and significance.

National History Day teaches critical thinking, writing, and research skills; prepares students for college, work, and citizenship; and inspires students to do more than they ever thought they could.

National History Day is not just an event; it's an exploration, a journey into the depths of historical narratives that have shaped our world. For our 7th-grade students, this annual endeavor serves as a unique platform to stretch their research skills, ignite intellectual curiosity, and engage in the joy of discovery. 

How the Contest Works:
As our 7th grade students know, another unique opportunity of the NHD process is having our alumni back in the class to help with research and individualized attention. We have enjoyed seeing a host of our past graduates return to Seven Peaks in support of the projects.

NHD projects begin at your school and from there, your project might be selected to advance to either a regional or affiliate (state, territory, or country) contest.  

At an NHD contest, students present their work to judges, who give all students feedback on their work and select projects to advance to the next level of the competition. Between contest levels, students are encouraged to revise their project based on what they have learned and the judges’ feedback. Students can make any revisions that they want, in accordance with the Contest Rule Book.

The top two entries in each category at the affiliate contests are invited to attend the NHD National Contest. About 3,000 students from across the United States and overseas compete each June at the University of Maryland, College Park. 

National NHD Contest is: June 9–13, 2024, University of Maryland, College Park.

Stretching Research Skills:
Engaging in National History Day challenges our 7th-grade students to stretch their research skills beyond the ordinary. They learn the art of discerning reliable sources, extracting meaningful information, and synthesizing their findings into a coherent narrative. These skills are not just valuable in the realm of history; they are life skills that empower students to approach challenges with a well-informed and critical mindset.