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IB Community Projects for 8th Grade

IB Community Projects for 8th Grade

This month, our 8th graders will begin one of their biggest IB projects to date: The Community Project.

This project requires students to investigate, plan, and take action upon a need they identify in our community. Over the next few months, we are going to be spotlighting their process and their projects because at SPS we feel that volunteering in our community and service learning are fundamental pieces of what we stand for. We want our whole community to be involved with that journey. 

Each year, we begin this project by asking the students what service learning has looked like for them in the past. Did they have a say in who they helped? What did they do? Was it their idea? Did they want to serve? Time and again, we find that at this point in their lives, our students have had very little input into the service they have experienced so far. The IB community project has been designed to change that, to put our students at the center of service learning with their ideas, their personal interests, and their passions. 

We will kick it all off by looking at the individual interests and ideas of the students and then look at how those passions can be put into action. What are the needs within your area of interest? What kind of a goal can you set for yourself to work towards solving this need? Students are given examples of goals such as: to raise awareness, to participate actively, to research, to create/innovate, to change behaviors, and to advocate.

Some of our students will work as individuals, others will work in groups. Either way, we are confident that over the next few months our 8th graders will be on an incredible journey of self-examination, empathy and action. We will continue reporting the progress of our students, and invite all of our SPS families to follow along in this journey.

This process is worth celebrating! Stay tuned for more updates over the coming months.