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Visual Arts

Art show: may 19th

Link to volunteer here.

Primary Years Visual Arts Program

In the IB Primary Years Program for Visual Arts, students will be introduced to the elements of art taking steps each year to develop more and more complicated compositions using the elements as they explore a variety of art mediums such as paints, pastels, pencil, clay, paper mache, and even glass. Each year the students will be introduced to a variety of artists and ethnic art, exploring styles from around the world. Students attend visual arts classes twice a week and our yearly program culminates in a large all school art show In May where students from Preschool to 8th grade display their creativity and hard work. 

Our program is unique in that each student is introduced to art mediums of all kinds. Our school supports the arts of all kinds: visual, music, performing which allows the students to explore what it means to be a creative thinker in all sorts of ways.  

In the PYP Visual Arts Program, students not only learn how to think creatively, push beyond what is comfortable and problem solve, they will develop both fine and gross motor skills working with many different materials as well as grow in the knowledge of both current and historical art styles.  They will learn the basic skills of how to handle a paint brush, use glue, mix colors, create armateurs for paper mache sculptures, handle clay and create both  2-dimensional and 3-dimensional pieces using a variety of mediums.

At Seven Peaks, the visual arts program works closely with the classroom teachers to create a transdisciplinary program. The strength of the Primary Years IB visual arts program lies in building connections with what students are learning in their core classes and what they are learning in their specials classes. In art, as in the other classes, we work on not only creative skills but build critical thinking skills, we practice self-assessment and look at how the monthly learner profile traits can be practiced or reinforced in our learning.


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