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Music and Drama

The Music and Drama program launching this upcoming school year will bring together the music and drama experiences and talents of our program leaders/teachers: CLAYTON PEARCE and NIC DAVIES.

This revised Arts program will give students the opportunity to create and produce dramatic performances for our school family and community.  Think of this program as a mix of band, choir, ensemble, poetry recitals and plenty of movement, physical theater and dance. During these collaborative processes, the students will have their hands in the different roles required to create a show, perform live and experience the multifaceted layers of the music/live performance world. The program will be designed to connect to and further the learning happening in all the home classrooms across the school.   


Story Theater Camp, Summer 2022

Clayton Pearce is a teacher, actor, improviser, songwriter, and chef.  Clayton is currently an associate preschool teacher at Seven Peaks School.  He is beyond thrilled to begin a new chapter of a long-standing camp to a new locale in Bend.  He has been working with Spolin Improvisation and Story Theater for 20 years, mentored by Adrienne Flagg, a disciple of co-founder of Second City and son of Viola Spolin, Paul Sills. Clayton collaborated to create and perform in the Drammy award winning Devised Play Note to Self, and, in 2020, debuted a staged reading of Change Order, a play co-written with Adrienne Flagg as part of Portland’s Fertile Ground Festival.  He has taught improvisation to children and adults as part of the Brody Theater, Deep End Theater, Portland Theatre Brigade, and numerous other camps and extracurricular classes.  In 2017 he taught a workshop as part of the New Zealand Improv Festival where he was nominated for a Really Very Serious Award for Most Generous Player.  

As an actor, Clayton has appeared as Mortimer Snerd in Fuse Ensemble’s Paradise Park, Uri in Passin Art’s Diva Daughter’s Dupree, and Phillip in Toad City Production’s Max. He has helped to devise and perform in many longform improvisational plays, such as Jason Geary’s Fat City, Deep End Theater’s Presence and the Brody Theater’s Anon and On and On: Shakespeare from Scratcheth. He is in the process of recording his third studio album, The Streets I Used to Call Home.

This program is an exciting opportunity for students to develop their creativity, confidence and communication skills - all of which are essential components of the IB vision for learning. The program will utilize the children’s inherent love of stories and storytelling.

For Middle School students, they will be actively engaged in creating performances that connect to world literature  as well as the world around them right now. All students will have the opportunity to create and perform poetry. We will be having great fun telling stories in many different ways, and we plan to share our work with the Seven Peaks community. 

Music and Drama is a versatile method of learning that the students often find very engaging. Students will be developing all the key IB skills: thinking, social, communication, self-management and research. In creating performances, students will learn to: lead the inquiry with their ideas and questions; work collaboratively and accept many different responsibilities; listen actively and express themselves clearly; plan and commit to acting activities and rehearsal schedules; develop scripts and materials to translate an idea to practice. In addition, there will be an emphasis on developing writing skills so that writing is seen as an integral part of the performance process. 

The Music and Drama program will be aligned with the existing curriculum in the Elementary and Middle School. this program is a wonderfully natural and enjoyable way to explore and express the attributes, ideas, concepts and skills of the IB. In addition, Music and Drama will be closely connected to classroom learning, especially related to Units of Inquiry, Language Arts and Social Studies.

The students ‘voice’ and ‘choice’ will be an essential aspect of the program. This will help prompt student agency so that they take full ownership of the creative process. 

Nic Davies is a director, composer, multi-instrumentalist and educator, originally from South Africa. Nic studied musical theater at the University of Cape Town and relocated to New York City in his early twenties to pursue a career as a musician and theater maker, devising musicals and physical theater pieces and playing in various bands and ensembles. He enjoyed some great success, staging work at famous NYC theaters like the Public Theater and Brooklyn Lyceum, and playing in bands at some of the cities top venues (The Bitter End, Rockwood Music Hall, Pianos) and touring nationally and internationally.

He and his wife relocated to Denver briefly in 2020 where Nic worked as a K-12 music teacher, choir leader and orchestra conductor, and now he is excited to begin the next chapter teaching music and drama at Seven Peaks School.

When not teaching or playing music, Nic enjoys hiking with his two beloved mastiffs Hamlet and Ophelia, and Nic is an avid gardener who finds boundless pleasure in watching things grow.