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Admissions FAQS

When should I apply?

We accept admission applications beginning September 1 of the year prior to the school year of desired enrollment. For example, applications for the following school years will be accepted beginning on the dates listed below:

  • 2024-2025 school year: September 1, 2023
  • 2025-2026 school year: September 1, 2024
  • 2026-2027 school year: September 1, 2025

Is there a deadline for submitting an application?

Yes. We process admission applications in the fall and early winter, and fill open spots after our priority deadline. After that deadline, we fill remaining openings on a rolling basis throughout the spring and summer. You can see application deadlines here. 

What do i need to submit for a completed application?

The admission application and supporting materials are submitted electronically from our online application portal. The application process also involves a tour, and a student classroom visit for those applying for grades PreK through 8. You can begin your application, or see a complete list of application requirements here. 

Do you maintain waitlists for grades that are fully enrolled?

Yes, though we use a waitpool system instead of a waitlist. While applicants on a traditional waitlist are selected based on who was on the list first, a waitpool allows us to fill an opening with the applicant that we feel best fits an opening, regardless of when they were added to the waitpool.

can we visit the school?

Yes! In fact, a completed application requires that parents tour the school. In addition, students applying for grades PreK through 8 are encouraged to participate in a half-day classroom visit. You can request to schedule a tour by emailing

do you allow mid-year enrollment?

Yes. When we have openings during the school year, we will process applications to fill those openings.

how much does it cost to attend seven peaks?

You can access our tuition and fees page here. 

do you offer financial aid?

Yes. You can access financial aid information here.