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Middle Years

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade


The Middle Years Program (MYP) is for ages 11 to 16. The program is designed to create learners who apply their knowledge to real-world situations. Our program is organized around six global contexts. The teachers also ensure that state and national standards are also worked into the curriculum through the lens of the global contexts. The curriculum is made up of 8 subject groups listed below, providing a balanced education. 

• Language & Literature

• Design

• Language Acquisition

• Science

• Physical health & Education 

• Math

• Individuals & Societies 

• Arts

The MYP framework provides structures for students to learn in an inquiry based environment. Inquiry-based learning emphasizes teaching methods that incorporate students’ individual knowledge and interests. It gives each student a seat at the table to construct their own meaning that is relevant to themselves and take ownership of their learning. 

View the 6th grade curriculum matrix here. 

View the 7th grade curriculum matrix here. 

View the 8th grade curriculum matrix here. 

Throughout the MYP program (grades 6th-8th) students will look at each global context in all 8 subject areas.