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Language Aquistion

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Primary Years Spanish Program 

The goal is for students to have a basic Spanish level where they will be able to express feelings, needs and simple sentences, also this year the students will learn in a second language some topics that they are learning in their core classes implanting IB in Spanish lessons attending the different styles and rhythms of learning with activities that can be a challenge for each student. 

Middle YEARS Spanish Program 

The MYP Spanish program is a three year program. Students are placed according to their previous instruction.  Spanish language is taught in a highly interactive environment. Class discussions  and group work are strategically designed to foster oral practice of the vocabulary and grammatical patterns. Projects, charts and visuals are used and created by students to provide repetition and mastery of key concepts. An intentional effort is made to promote a balanced development of the language in reading, writing, listening and speaking.  Cultural aspects are incorporated into each unit to foster curiosity about global understanding and promote the advantages of bilingualism.