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Inquiry-Based Learning

Inquiry-based learning is the heart and soul of the IB program and teaching and learning at Seven Peaks School. Inquiry-based learning emphasizes teaching methods that incorporate students’ individual knowledge and interests. It gives each student a seat at the table to construct their own meaning that is relevant to themselves. Teachers in an inquiry-based classroom are seen as facilitators of experiences rather than the ‘sage on the stage.’ When this is implemented effectively, learning outcomes become accessible to all students in a differentiated and individualized way.  The diversity of learners within an inquiry-based classroom creates an environment where students can develop all of the skills and learner profile traits that IB strives to cultivate in all students. 

Inquiry-Based Learning: 

  • Centers on learners interests and background knowledge 

  • Engages students with relevant, challenging, and authentic experiences

  • Promotes student agency and action

  • Supports relationship building with peers, teachers and others in the community 

  • Develops skills that teach students how to learn