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Early Years

Preschool student sitting with teacher
Group of Pre-K standing together
A preschooler talking into a microphone of a police vehicle.
Preschoolers out on the playground

At Seven Peaks, children participate in an IB-PYP inquiry-based program that responds to their academic and developmental needs. We allow a balance for children to explore, investigate and play through freely-chosen activities as well as adult-initiated activities. We call this “planning for possibilities.” We have four core areas of belief:

#1 High Image Of The Child

We believe that children are naturally curious and full of wonder, with an innate ability to question and pursue their own learning. Our teachers view children as competent partners in the learning experience and understand that each child has a unique pattern of growth and development. We encourage students to develop independence by taking initiative with their own self-care and organization.


Our values are communicated and supported by thoughtfully planned learning environments. The physical learning environment is designed to support learning objectives, as well as the unique needs of young children. The arrangement of materials and activities encourages children to make choices, manipulate, create and represent their ideas and understandings.

#3 Relationships

Our safe and nurturing atmosphere encourages children to build confidence and take risks. We believe that children feel safe and supported when their sense of shared ownership and belonging is emphasized. Connections to home and family are viewed as integral to learning and are a visible part of curriculum planning and the environment. Children work together as a learning group, fostering their individual understanding as well as making collaborative discoveries.

#4 Play And Exploration 

We believe play is essential for young children’s cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development. Through play, children express, consolidate, and extend what they know about the world around them, incorporating their knowledge and skills. Children regularly participate in various kinds of play, which can be either child-led or teacher-initiated.

FAQS About The Early Years Program