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Early Learning Programme

The 2023-24 school year will launch the Early Learning Programme (ELP)--our early years program reimagined for ages 3.5 to 5 years of age. This multi-age approach to learning will continue to encompass our IB pedagogy that guides students’ learning journey and adds invaluable benefits to the inquiry-based curriculum.

In keeping with the learning standards set by IB’s approach to learning, our new program offers inquiry and play-based learning in an environment that provides each child with a wider range of support. We will refer to this as the ELP “Nest”, with students sharing two classrooms and four instructors in order to reach each child where they are in their learning journey. While students will still have one assigned classroom teacher and co-teacher, preschool and pre-K will become a more collaborative environment by utilizing flow between two classrooms, as well as provide opportunities for unique attention to our early learners, as our instructors will be able to co-teach in this new environment. As modeled by IB schools throughout Europe, the Early Learning Program makes sense for SPS’ growth trajectory. 

This approach fosters:

  • opportunities for peer support given the multi-age environment,

  • play as exploratory learning,

  • individualized attention from our four ELP teachers,

  • an environment for curiosity and risk-taking by taking on challenges and persevering through trial and error, 

  • deliberate instruction and guidance within the IB learner profiles represented in the 10 attributes valued by the IB World Schools.

Inquiry-based learning continues to be at the heart of the IB and Seven Peaks School’s approach to fostering whole child learning.

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FAQS About The Early Learning Programme

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