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Design Lab


Welcome to the Seven Peaks School Design Lab, where creativity knows no bounds! Our students dive into a world of hands-on learning, exploring measuring, woodworking, collaborative projects, 3D printing, Cricut printing, and beyond. It's the ultimate playground for young innovators, where imagination takes shape and innovation comes to life. Unleash the maker in your child at Seven Peaks!

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7th Grade 3D print
Design Lab students learn
Design thinking skills

PYP In design lab

PYP learners benefit greatly from engaging in a design lab within the IB framework. The hands-on, inquiry-based, and transdisciplinary nature of the design lab experience aligns with the core principles of the IB program, fostering well-rounded, creative, and socially responsible individuals.

Design thinking

The design thinking cycle promotes empathetic problem solving. Our design program teaches students to use this process within all subject areas. Students not only leave our classroom with skills using the many tools and materials found in our design lab, but more importantly, they leave with skills to solve real world problems. 

Seven Peaks School’s design program is unique in the way that the primary and middle year teachers collaborate to integrate design into all the subject areas. Over the course of the primary and middle year design programs, students build skills in coding, digital design, wood working, prototyping, and the design thinking process.

Our design program incorporates the IB philosophy by allowing students to have ownership of their learning. They gain skills in collaboration, creativity, problem solving, and reflective thinking. Students brainstorm their own solutions to a variety of needs and then use the prototyping and feedback process to enhance their ideas and solutions. 

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