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Mission, Vision and Values

Our mission, vision and values are the principles we live by.  We believe in applying these core ideas to everything we do. 

Our mission outlines our purpose - why we do what we do. 

Our vision articulates the outcome we anticipate based on our mission. Our values guide how we act as an institution and a community.

Our Mission

To inspire a lifelong love of learning in our students. To enable our children to thrive in a complex world. To challenge them within a safe and nurturing community.


Seven Peaks students will emerge intellectually  curious, confident in their education and individuality,  compassionate towards others and inspired to do good in  the world.


We believe in high academic standards and are committed to  sustained investment in our faculty and curriculum. 

We believe in building trusting and respectful relationships,  attentive to the needs and perspectives of others. 

We believe in and respect the seven peaks community,  ensuring that every student and family has a voice. 

We believe that creative problem solving, critical thinking  and a global perspective provide the foundation to core  academics. 

We believe in cultivating the unique gifts of each child. 

We believe in the strength and embrace of community:  home, school, Central Oregon and the interconnected  world beyond.  

We believe in the legacy and heritage of our school. 

We believe in children remaining children throughout their  Seven Peaks experience.