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International Baccalaureate


Lifelong learning: seven peaks is an accredited IB school

Incorporating the IB program into Seven Peaks School's learning approach has enhanced our educational offering by providing a framework that emphasizes international-mindedness, holistic development, and rigorous academic standards. 

Global Perspective: The IB program encourages students to think globally and consider multiple perspectives. This aligns with Seven Peaks' commitment to fostering a broad understanding of the world, promoting cultural awareness, and preparing students for a globalized future.


Seven Peaks School enabled our child to develop a love of learning and provided our entire family with a warm, welcoming community throughout our nine year experience with the school. We would do it all over again!  
-PARENT of alumni


International baccalaureate

The IB curriculum is known for its academic rigor, helping students develop strong inquiry and research skills. This prepares students for higher education, with a combination of formative and summative assessments. IB places a strong emphasis on inquiry-based learning

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Building lifelong learners at Seven Peaks School


By embracing the IB principles of play and inquiry-based learning, Seven Peaks' early years program lays the groundwork for a solid educational foundation. It not only prepares children academically but also nurtures their social, emotional, and cognitive skills, setting the stage for a lifelong journey of learning and discovery.



The IB program's emphasis on inquiry-based learning encourages students to ask questions, investigate, and think critically. This approach not only enhances academic skills but also contributes to the development of problem-solving abilities, resilience, and a love for continuous learning—essential qualities for lifelong learners.



Our mission is to inspire a lifelong love of learning in our students, to enable them to thrive in a complex world, and to challenge them in a safe and nurturing environment.

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Celebrating Our Incredible Teachers

We highlight the importance of celebrating and honoring teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week. The blog emphasizes the invaluable contributions of educators in shaping the lives of students and acknowledges the dedication and passion they bring to their profession.

Seven Peaks School is the best choice for primary years education, emphasizing three key reasons: holistic education with IB support, expert teachers and small class sizes, and lifelong benefits for social-emotional learning and learning skills. It concludes by encouraging readers to contact admissions to learn more and schedule a tour, while reiterating the importance of celebrating and honoring teachers not only during Teacher Appreciation Week but always.

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Empowering Tomorrow's Global Citizens: Seven Peaks School's IB Journey

At Seven Peaks School, we extend our gratitude to the International Baccalaureate for inspiring and guiding our educational journey.

Together, we are shaping the leaders, thinkers, and innovators who will contribute to a more peaceful and harmonious world. Join us in this transformative experience, where education goes beyond the classroom walls and prepares students to be catalysts for positive change on a global scale.

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World Leadership School trips represent more than just travel—they are transformative experiences that empower students to become engaged global citizens, compassionate leaders, and lifelong learners. Through Purposeful Learning, Seven Peaks School and WLS are shaping the next generation of change-makers, equipping them with the skills, values, and perspectives needed to thrive in an ever-evolving world. As students embark on these journeys of discovery, they not only explore new landscapes but also unlock the limitless potential within themselves.

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